Should we cancel St. Patrick’s Day?

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Leading up to St. Patrick’s Day weekend, there was a constant need to follow the urgent updates and be ready for every “Breaking News” alert that popped up on your screens. Covid-19 was identified and heading our way. Here at Nasstive Entertainment, we had a tough decision to make… cancel all St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl events across nine cities or push on with safety precautions put in place.

Ultimately, we made the decision to put people over profits. We made the call to cancel all nine of our planned St. Patrick’s Day events. This decision, we hoped, would eliminate large groups who could spread the virus unknowingly. We are proud of our decision and disappointed in the many other bar crawl companies who ignored public safety and continued to encourage large groups to party with them over the weekend.

Often, we look back at that decision and wonder if we overreacted, or the media overreacted. Isn’t it fair to let the guests make their own decision to be in the bars in large groups? Isn’t it the bars decision to limit the capacity they allow inside each venue? These may be true but each person, each company has to take responsibility for keeping others safe and that starts with us.

It is easy to calculate the profits that could have been made. It is easy to justify it with thoughts of, “I am sure it would have been fine.” And then you see those who have been directly affected by this pandemic. You see a father or mother or nurse who passed away after contracting the coronavirus. This is all it takes to remind us that we made the right decision. Please stay safe everyone and be a leader to the rest of those looking for guidance.