4th of July Bar Crawl in Downtown Los Angeles – Special Event


This year we decided to bring a new event to all of our loyal club crawlers. We know you love to party with us and we thought 4th of July was the perfect way to make that happen. Independence Day is something more than just burgers and hot dogs. It’s freedom… ancestors fought for it, so we take a shot to it… or maybe five!!!


Our hosts guided you to multiple venues throughout the Downtown Los Angeles area. Starting our festivities at La Biergarten, we offered drink specials and from there the day took off! We made our way to the first wave of bars (Spring St, Beelmans, The Falls). Standing nearly door to door from one another, our guests bar hopped the 3 venues as we all partied it up.

Beer Pong

From there we guided the squad to the next wave of bars on our list (Little Easy, Down N Out, Adelitas Cantina). This is where things really turned unique and amazing. Almost the entire group converged into one bar and it turned into a party! The dance floor was rocking, shots were taken, people were doing backflips off the bar… okay, just kidding about the backflips but don’t let that make you think it wasn’t jammin’!


After leaving the second wave of bars, we topped our night off with a DTLA favorite, El Dorado. I thought the festivities were winding down, boy was I wrong. El Dorado was another party! So from here, we drank, danced and then skipped the line with VIP entry to one of the best nightclubs in Downtown Los Angeles… The Reserve. What a day, what a day! Now, with all of this 4th of July talk don’t forget about the future…


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